Inspired to Be Authentic

Trauma Healing Guided Meditation

December 29, 2021 Matt Landsiedel Episode 32
Inspired to Be Authentic
Trauma Healing Guided Meditation
Show Notes

Are you a sensitive soul who finds it difficult to be with your own feelings?

Do you struggle being present with your body because your mind is always so active?

Do you want to heal trauma so you can finally find inner peace and happiness?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guided meditation was created for you.


What is embodiment?

Embodiment is the alignment of mind and body. Embodiment means becoming whole. To have your mind, body and spirit connected to one another and working together for your highest good.


What is trauma?

The body stores an adverse emotional experience within itself. When we experience trauma, the cells in our body will carry that emotional experience until we find safety, stillness and presence to allow the emotions to release from our body. Trauma is unprocessed emotional debris that needs to be released if we want to heal.


This guided meditation is designed to help you connect back to the body where the emotions can be connected to and released.


If you are like most people, you are overconnected to the mind and disconnected from the body. We need connection to both if we want to find inner peace. The mind and body in unison govern important aspects of our nature as sensitives.


We need the mind to conceptualize our feelings but it's not the job of the mind to feel them. This is the job of the body. When we assign this responsibility to our mind it leads to intellectualizing our feelings and we don't end up discharging them from our body. This is called rumination, when we intellectualize our feelings and try to make sense of them with our minds. It is unhelpful and causes us suffering.


Feelings want to be felt and then they will release, they are merely particles of energy that are trying to point us in the direction of meeting our needs. Emotions are messengers with valuable messages. It is our job to find stillness each day and listen. This is the purpose of this guided meditation.


Come on this embodiment journey with me to a place of deep inner healing and peace as we learn to connect to our mind, body and spirit in unity consciousness.


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