Inspired to Be Authentic

How to Build a Home Within Yourself, with Lukas Sliz

January 19, 2021 Matt Landsiedel Episode 25
Inspired to Be Authentic
How to Build a Home Within Yourself, with Lukas Sliz
Show Notes

In this episode I speak with Authenticity Coach Lukas Sliz. We talk about how to feel more worthy and whole in the experience you have of yourself. Lukas went from feeling alone in this world and not feeling like he belonged to living his best life through practicing living authentically. Lukas teaches us how to have our own sense of emotional freedom so we can begin to feel at home within ourselves regardless of the external circumstances. Come join us as we deep dive into the fascinating realms of shadow work, inner child healing, emotion regulation, ego and self-acceptance.

About Today’s Guest:

Lukas helps people heal emotional wounds and create a Home within. At the age of 2 years old, his parents moved with him and his sister from Poland to Germany. As he grew up, he would look for a sense of belonging, even at the expense of his own wellbeing. Yet that sense of Home would only be short lived. He used to search for wholeness and peace of mind in relationships, achievements and travels of the world to find what he once lost. Little did he know, that the Home he was looking for wasn’t a place in the world. That place was always with himself. Home is what he would find within himself. Once he started to accept himself and love himself unconditionally for who he is, every moment became homecoming in itself. He finally found the Home he once lost and found himself again. Today, he helps people heal their emotional wounds and turn them into unconditional Self-Love so they can find their Home within.

Connect with Lukas:

Song of the episode: 

Nessi Gomes - Diamonds & Demons

About the Host:

Matt Landsiedel is a transformative life coach, intuitive, podcast host, and author from Calgary, Canada.

Matt specializes in teaching people how to heal shame and embody their authentic self so they can enjoy meaningful connections in their lives. His areas of expertise are working with gay men and highly sensitive people to develop a stronger sense of self-worth.

Matt earned his undergraduate degree in Addiction Counselling from the University of Lethbridge and has spent the last 14 years working in the fields of Mental Health & Addiction and Transformative Life Coaching where he guides people on their psychological and spiritual journey through life.

Inspired to Be Authentic is a mission Matt has purposefully created. Through his creative content and coaching, he offers you inspiration to share more of your truth with the world. He does this by teaching you life changing skills and sharing energetic transmissions that inspire you to show up courageously in your own life by practicing vulnerability. 

Matt's vision for this world is for us all to live with more courage so we can share our authenticity and enjoy more meaningful connections in our lives.

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