Inspired to Be Authentic

Breaking the Habit of People Pleasing, with Ken Reid

December 04, 2020 Matt Landsiedel Episode 24
Inspired to Be Authentic
Breaking the Habit of People Pleasing, with Ken Reid
Show Notes

In this episode we dive deep with Relationship Coach Ken Reid where we unpack everything people pleasing. We talk about how it starts, why we do it and how to overcome it.

Ken provides us an in-depth perspective on how people pleasing is a major barrier to having a successful relationship. Both Ken and I share our personal experiences with people pleasing and how we are overcoming this within our own lives.

We also put on our coaching hats and provide strategies we use with our clients to get them past their pesky people pleasing ways so they can have more authentic and fulfilling relationships.

About Today’s Guest:

Ken is a Relationship Coach from Sydney, Australia. 
Ken came about his career by complete accident. After being suddenly broken up with a man, who he was very much in love with, he was left devastated. He worked on himself, his self-esteem and his communication to recognize that the only thing stopping a man from having the love he wants with a loyal, committed partner are his thoughts and behaviour. He trained as a counsellor and uses his extensive personal dating and relationship experience to help his clients to heal and get the love they deserve.

Connect with Ken: 

Song of the episode: 

Jann Arden - Demolition Love

About the Host:

Matt Landsiedel is a transformative life coach, intuitive, podcast host, and author from Calgary, Canada.

Matt specializes in teaching people how to heal shame and embody their authentic self so they can enjoy meaningful connections in their lives. His areas of expertise are working with gay men and highly sensitive people to develop a stronger sense of self-worth.

Matt earned his undergraduate degree in Addiction Counselling from the University of Lethbridge and has spent the last 14 years working in the fields of Mental Health & Addiction and Transformative Life Coaching where he guides people on their psychological and spiritual journey through life. 

Inspired to Be Authentic is a mission Matt has purposefully created. Through his creative content and coaching, he offers you inspiration to share more of your truth with the world. He does this by teaching you life changing skills and sharing energetic transmissions that inspire you to show up courageously in your own life by practicing vulnerability. 

Matt's vision for this world is for us all to live with more courage so we can share our authenticity and enjoy more meaningful connections in our lives.

In his spare time, you can find Matt traveling the world, writing, reading, hiking mountains, doing yoga, meditating and contemplating life, spending quality time with family and friends, playing the ukulele, taking photographs, and spending time building his coaching business.

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