Inspired to Be Authentic

Guided Meditation - Aligning to Your Authenticity, with Matt Landsiedel

July 24, 2020 Matt Landsiedel Episode 16
Inspired to Be Authentic
Guided Meditation - Aligning to Your Authenticity, with Matt Landsiedel
Show Notes

In this episode I am excited to share my first ever guided meditation called Aligning to Your Authenticity. 

Travel inward with me and let's dive into the deepest aspects of your being to rediscover your authenticity by aligning to the love within your heart. 

This guided meditation is charged with the vibrational frequency of transformation and love. Each word I speak carries a vibration and your soul will absorb what it needs to transmute your fear into love so you can step into your authenticity with ease and grace. 

Here are the repeat after me affirmations I use in the guided meditation:

  • I am ready to allow my truth to be experienced by myself and others
  • I am ready to show up in the fullest expression of myself
  • I am ready to express myself fully from the truest place within me 
  • I am ready to live the version of myself I live within, with all
  • I am ready to live a life enriched with joy and love
  • My time is now and I am ready to live my life with courage so I can have all I ever wanted
  • And so it is

About the Host:

Matt Landsiedel is a transformative coach, intuitive, podcast host, and author from Calgary, Canada. Matt specializes in teaching people how to heal shame and embody their authentic self so they can enjoy meaningful connections in their lives. His areas of expertise are working with gay men and people with emotional eating and food addiction leading to weight issues.

Inspired to Be Authentic is a mission Matt has purposefully created. Through his content and coaching, he offers you inspiration to share more of your truth with the world. He does this by teaching you life changing skills and sharing energetic transmissions that inspire you to show up courageously in your own life by practicing vulnerability. 

In his spare time, you can find Matt traveling the world, writing, reading, working out or doing yoga, meditating and contemplating life, spending quality time with family and friends, hanging out with his cat Darryl, watching hockey, and spending time building his coaching business.

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