Inspired to Be Authentic

Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energy Guided Meditation

December 14, 2022 Matt Landsiedel Episode 40
Inspired to Be Authentic
Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energy Guided Meditation
Show Notes

This guided meditation is designed to help you restore balance between your masculine and feminine energy. When I use the terms masculine and feminine, I am not referring to the gender or sex of an individual. I am referring to the energetic duality that exists within all human beings. We all have a masculine or yang energy, and we all have a feminine or yin energy within us.

Mother Earth is restoring balance after thousands of years of being masculine energy dominant. Feminine energy is rising rapidly on the planet after being oppressed for thousands of years due to patriarchal programming that has been passed down through generations. 

Since every human being on this planet has the energetic duality of masculine and feminine within them, we will all be impacted by this shift in collective energy. This was the inspiration for creating this guided meditation, to help people make this energetic transition with as much ease and grace as possible. 

There is so much untapped human potential when we limit ourselves to one energy based on our social conditioning. It is now time to integrate our dualities so we can embody a more unified state of human consciousness.

For humans to live harmoniously, the masculine and feminine energies must reach a state of union. This requires us to let go of outdated programs where we connect with our energy from the self-limiting conditions we may have inherited based on binary gender norms. 

This guided meditation will assist you in releasing any shame you may be carrying around either masculine or feminine energy. It will also reconnect you to the power within yourself related to each divine energy.

If you are stuck and unable to heal or slow down in your life, then you may be suppressing your feminine energy. If you are not actively engaged in your life and feel unmotivated, then you may be suppressing your masculine energy. 

This guided meditation will help you reconnect to the divine masculine and feminine energy within you so you can become integrated and balanced as nature has intended for you.

It's time to let go of the woundedness and step into your most authentic and empowered self. 

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